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Huawei's aim to "Change the world" backed by a conscious human resource development method

Huawei is a company that invests lavishly in human capital under the philosophy that employees are the foundation of the business. The company's strong human resource strategy underpins its rapid growth. Here's how the company focuses on motivating and winning long-term commitment from the best personnel.

Diverse human resources support investment and growth

Huang WeiwWei, a senior management consultant who has been involved in Huawei's management reforms for more than 20 years, defines Huawei's human resource strategy as "Investment in human capital as a source of value" with an emphasis on diversity and promoting of personal growth.

As founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, puts it, "The most natural resource is the employee's brain". Huawei is committed to investing in human capital, from employment to training, to improving productivity as a team.  It is an approach to promote long-term and continuous growth that takes the unique advantages of "No need to focus on capital growth" as an unlisted company. 

Focusing on the diversification of personnel, Huawei aims to offer globally-minded human resource development in order to attract people from all over the world. For example, they have established a financial risk management centre in London, having secured highly-skilled staff who make use of the specialities of each country and region. In addition, they have established R & D and sourcing centres in Paris, Japan, Italy, India, Russia and other countries in a bid to achieve diversification. Furthermore, 38% of new hires in 2016 had studied abroad.

However, securing excellent employees alone will not accelerate the growth of the organisation. Therefore, Huawei is also actively promoting personal growth amongst their staff. For example, employees can take training programs either in training centres or online to continuously improve their skills.

By making the most of an individual's potential, it will allow them to develop their ability as a team player, which leads to improved performance for the entire team and organisation.

HR strategy is part of Huawei’s management strategy

A high-reward evaluation system is employed by many global companies as an effective means of securing and maintaining superior human resources. Huawei has fully-integrated salary and evaluations in its incentives and is working to create an environment conducive to increased employee motivation by sharing its profits through employee stock-ownership plans both domestically and abroad.

These efforts show that HR Strategy as a part of good management strategy is firmly established in Huawei’s culture. With companies that are growing on a global scale, employees themselves should also be offered opportunities to grow. This will attract a growing number of talented candidates from prestigious schools around the world, including Oxford University and Yale University.

What is Huawei's goal: "Intelligent World"?

Huawei's goal is to become a pioneer in the ‘Intelligent World.’ According to Eric Xu, the concept of the ‘Intelligent World’ is "People, homes and organisations all over the world connected via the Internet". The company is working to achieve this by aiming to become the world leader in ICT infrastructure and smart devices.

In order to maintain competitiveness and sustainable growth potential in an increasingly digitalised society, it is essential that organisations are strong enough to move forward with a spirit of challenge without fear of failure.

This clear and tangible goal leads to increased awareness amongst all employees that they are working to change the world, and this encourages innovation and increased productivity.

Aim to climb the ranks of top companies to work for

In 2016, Huawei was the only Chinese company to rank in LinkedIn's Top 40 International Companies that People Want to Work for the Most. As a testament to its talent in recruiting and nurturing, it ranked 28th.

As the IT industry and other advanced companies around the world continue to develop new services and grow, they continue to secure and retain excellent human resources. As the business environment and international situation continue to change, competition in the global job market will continue to intensify. With their lofty ambitions to change the world, Huawei will continue to strengthen its organisational capabilities by attracting talented people and maximising individual motivation.
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